(Saxon Canis Venatici at White Elk)


Sophie is very loving. Her favorite place (when it's not too hot) is cuddling in someone's lap. She is excellent at adjusting her energy levels to suit the situation. Her "lazy athelete" ways make her a couch potato in the house, and a whirlwind of energy in the ring. When outside, she loves to run, jump on everything, and generally get her nose into whatever she can. 

As she has grown, Sophie has shown a great aptitude for climbing anything and everything. We recently started formal agility training with her, and it is like she was born for it. She has been wow-ing our trainer with how quickly she picks up the principles. The only thing that slows her down is when her humans mess up.

In keeping with her laid-back personality, Sophie took to pulling our recumbent tricycles without batting an eyelash. It took a mere 10 minutes to get her accustomed to the pulling harness and rig before she was trotting alongside us as we pedaled, happy as can be. Sophie and Rhea are litter mates.

Health Details

Birthday: December 31, 2010
Hips: BVA 6
DM: Clear by parentage
DNA Analysis & Database Logging: Complete
Eyes: OFA CAER Free of Observable Inherited Eye Disease


Scientist Litter (5 Boys, 5 Girls); 1 January 2016