(White Elk Áine)


Sitka is our pick of the Tuatha de Danan females. She lives with her guardian family in Vancouver, Canada, with Cypress (White Elk Xu Fu). 
As part of our extended breeding program, Sitka will return to us every now and then to help build the next generation, but lives with her adoptive family at all other times.
Sitka is highly attentive and very loving, she is particularly gentle and people oriented as well as being clever and outgoing.

Health Details

Dam: Auri (Blufawn Sunshine on my Shoulders at White Elk)
Sire: Max (Hawthorne Hellroaring Canyon)

Birthday: December 25, 2014 (Tuatha de Danan litter)
Hips and Elbows: in progress (to be completed approximately 6 months after the birth of the Mediterranean Winds litter)
DM: Clear by Parentage
DNA Analysis & Database Logging: in progress
Eyes: OFA CAER Free of Observable Inherited Eye Disease


Mediterranean Winds Litter (3 Boys, 3 Girls); 11 September 2016