(Saxon Aquila at White Elk)


Rhea is clever, outgoing, and incredibly sweet. She learns quickly, even if all her energy makes it hard for her to sit still through some of her obedience work. Her favorite game, apart from tag with her sisters, is hide and seek. No matter what else is going on, she will always drop everything to go "Find Mom" or "Find Dad". Her favorite habit/game is talking. When you ask her "what do you think", she vocalizes her thoughts as only a Tamaskan can.

Showing a strong athletic drive, Rhea is a big fan of pulling our recumbent tricycles on her daily runs. She certainly lives up to her sled dog heritage, and pulls the rig with remarkable strength. And if there happens to be a rabbit or squirrel ahead to tempt her, it is like having a rocket booster attached to the trike. Rhea and Sophie are litter mates.

Health Details

Birthday: December 31, 2010
Hips: BVA 15
DM: Clear by parentage
DNA Analysis & Database Logging: Complete
Eyes: OFA CAER Free of Observable Inherited Eye Disease


Explorer Litter (5 girls, 5 boys); 11 July 2013