Litter Announcement: Sikta x Cypress

As you may have noticed, Sitka has been staying with us these past few weeks and is looking a much bigger around the middle. We are very pleased to announce a successful mating between White Elk Xu Fu (Cypress) and White Elk Áine (Sitka). We got x-ray confirmation on Friday, and she is likely due within a week! Check out the xray and see if you can count the puppies.

We are particularly excited about this litter because it is our first White Elk x White Elk breeding. Cypress is the pick of the litter male from the Explorer litter and Sitka is the pick of the litter female from the Tuatha Dé Danann litter. They have incredibly compatible personalities and their structures are highly complementary. These should be gorgeous puppies. 

Our waiting list is currently full and all of the puppies from this litter have already been claimed.