(Blufawn Sunshine on My Shoulders at White Elk)


Auri is energetic and cheerful. She is a never ending source of happy tail wagging, loving face-kisses, and motion. Her ever-vivacious personality endears her to all who meet her, and her capability for intense focus has made her a breeze to train. She excels in formal obedience work, and is one of the few Tamaskan we have met who enjoys playing fetch.

Like her sisters, Auri loves pulling us on our recumbent tricycle rig. While she was nervous about it at first, the ability to run at full speed while still being right next to us won her over.

She most enjoys spending her downtime watching the shadows of birds and insects move across our patio, and teasing her packmates into a game of tag.

Health Details

Birthday: March 21, 2011
Hips: BVA 5
DM: Clear by parentage
DNA Analysis & Database Logging: Complete
Eyes: OFA CAER Free of Observable Inherited Eye Disease (TAM-EYE13/53F-Pl)


Tuatha Dé Danann Litter (5 girls, 3 boys); 25 December 2014